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Model Railroad Planning 2019

Model Railroad Planning 2019


This year’s issue features more small and mid-size layouts along with doable how-to projects.

Featured stories include:

* Ac compact HO layout depicting the Delaware & Hudson in the Alco Century era greets guests at a New York state B&B.

* An HO tribute to the Akron, Canton & Youngstown, which provided a bridge route from the East to Midwest.

* A superbly crafted multi-deck layout in O scale of the Louisville & Nashville during the steam era.

* An L-shape N and HO switching railroad showcases the Southern Pacific in Oregon.

* And much more!

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Great Model Railroads 2019

Great Model Railroads 2019


Each year Great Model Railroads brings you some of the best layouts you’ll ever see - and this year is no exception. Inside this special issue you’ll find our favorite new layouts in a variety of scales, locations, sizes, and eras. Plus, the 100-page edition is chock-full of how-to advice and operating tips for model railroaders of all skill levels!

This issue offers loads of inspiration with layouts depicting:Gritty railroading in the concrete jungle on the Los Angeles Junction.Busy freight and passenger operations at Canadian Pacific’s Montreal Terminal.

Midwest action on the Burlington Northern in the 1980s.

Heavy coal-hauling in West Virginia on Norfolk Southern in N scale.

And much more!

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The Golden Spike Route Today

The Golden Spike Route Today


The Golden Spike Route today covers the 1776-mile route of the first transcontinental railroad with a contemporary look. Join us as we trek along the Union Pacific main line between Omaha, Neb., and Sacramento. Along the way, we’ll visit famous Sherman Hill, Wasatch Grade, and Donner summit. You’ll visit places that are off limits to anyone except for railroad employees like Bailey Yard; Curvo, Utah; and the 1000-mile tree.

Approximate running time: 60 minutes

by Trains

DVD Regular Price £22

NEW RELEASE OFFER £21 UNTIL 29th March 2019

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Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the 1950's

Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the 1950's


Mountains and narrow gauge railroads are two things that worked well together years ago. One of the more notable of those narrow gauge railroads belonged to the Rio Grande. In this video, C. Vision presents the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the 1950's from the films of George Niles.

On his journeys to Colorado, George captured a variety of standard gauge action, including the Santa Fe, Colorado & Southern and standard gauge Rio Grande scenes.

In Durango, our narrow gauge journey begins. Here we see the spectacular trains and scenery of the line from Durango to Silverton from both trackside and on board.

Next, we view a pair of "Cumbres Turns" with K-36 #483 and K-37 #490 in charge. These trains ran to and from Chama, New Mexico and Cumbres, Colorado.

Then it's off to Salida, Colorado for our last segment. This is where we begin to see some great scenes of the Monarch Turn from Salida to the CF&I Limestone Quarry. Locations on this line include Maysville and the Garfield Switch Back.

This video includes a big portion of the Rio Grande narrow gauge fleet. 2-8-2's in the K-27, K-28, K-36 and K-37 class are shown along with US Army diesel 4700N, that was tested by the Rio Grand in 1954.

Combine awesome Rocky Mountain scenery with classic narrow gauge railroading...and you have an incredible combination of railroading so have to see it to believe it! Don't miss The Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the 1950's.

©2015 C. Vision Productions

Running time 82 minutes, Color, silent films with narration and music, music on/off feature

Regular Price £21


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GREAT Model Railroads 2018

GREAT Model Railroads 2018


The 100-page special issue includes a variety of scales (HO, N, and O), locations, and eras - from an O scale depiction of the Colorado Midland Railway in 1897, to a captivating mountain-railroading layout in present-day Europe.

Each story features a completed layout, detailed track plan, how?to tips, and stunning photographs. Whether you're just beginning your layout, or almost finished, you're sure to find inspiration on every page! Ref. GMR18 £ 10.00 + £1 UK p&p

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EMDs in Minnesota’s Iron Ore Country

EMDs in Minnesotas Iron Ore Country


In this show, we will cover CN’s former DM&IR ore lines in northeastern Minnesota, along with a sampling of Northshore Mining and BNSF operations in the area. What draws fans to Minnesota’s north woods and the shores of Lake Superior isn’t just the beautiful country or the interesting iron ore operations, it’s the motive power used to pull trains through this unique region. EMD is king here, and we document these fine machines as they thunder across CN’s Missabe, Minntac, Iron Range, and Two Harbors Subdivisions. We also follow Northshore Mining’s mainline between Silver Bay and Babbitt, Minnesota, exploring some remote areas of Minnesota’s Arrowhead. You’ll see NSM’s older SD40-3s, as well as leased SD90MACs hauling raw taconite ore and tailings trains across the railroad. BNSF’s Kelly Lake and Grand Rapids locals are also briefly covered, powered by pairs of SD40-2s.

With GE power slowly being equipped with straight air for ore service on the former Missabe, we made it our goal to bring you the best of EMD-powered trains in the Northland before it was too late. Many SD40 and SD40-2 variants are seen in operation, along with a brief look at Missabe SD38 and SD38-2 locomotives. Rebuilt SD45T-2 tunnel motors in CN, B&LE, and DM&IR paint steal the show!

We cover the area in all four seasons, adding to the variety of the program. Sit back and relax as we take you on an exciting tour from Lake Superior to the Iron Range, in C. Vision’s "EMDs in Minnesota’s Iron Ore Country".

Running Time 150 Minutes

©2018 By C. Vision Productions Ref D532

DVD Regular Price £23

NEW RELEASE OFFER £22 UNTIL 29th March 2019

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Model Railroad Planning 2018

Model Railroad Planning 2018


Model Railroad Planning 2018 is back with more creative solutions for modeling your best layout yet. From the publisher of Model Railroader magazine, the 100-page special issue features 15 all-new layout stories in HO, N, and O scale. Learn scenery tricks, track planning, yard construction, and more, from top experts in the field. Featured Stories Include:

Cover story: Doug Tagsold models the narrow gauge lines of the Colorado & Southern with a twist.

Neil Schofield describes the steps he used to model a sprawling furniture plant in an alcove.

Model Railroad Planning editor Tony Koester shares more than a dozen things to avoid.

Paul Dolkos discusses various topics regarding layout height.

Veteran HO modeler David Barrow builds an O scale switching layout.

Byron Henderson is back with a double-deck design.

And much more!

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BNSF's Scenic and Bellingham Subdivisions

Journey to northwestern Washington State where the BNSF main line reveals the beauty of Puget Sound. Running between Seattle and the Canadian border at Blaine, trains traverse the western portion of the Scenic Subdivision and the entire Bellingham Sub.

Visit the Seattle waterfront and busy yard at Interbay. Follow the shoreline of Puget Sound while viewing several hot spots including Carkeek Park, Richmond Beach, Edmonds, Mukilteo, and Everett.

The scenic shoreline transitions to lush farmland, wild rivers, and secluded coves while passing the charming communities of Stanwood, Mt. Vernon, Burlington, and Bellingham.

Unit coal, crude oil trains, and hot shot intermodals draw the latest high tech diesels, while several locals still sport vintage four axle EMD's. Besides freight, Amtrak's Empire Builder, Cascades Talgo sets, and Sounders are everywhere shuffling passengers between busy stations along the line.

This is modern day railroading in the heart of the Pacific Northwest!

Shot in the summer and fall of 2018.

Run Time: 2 Hours 31 Minutes * WIDESCREEN DVD

By 7idea Productions

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Railroading & The Automobile Industry

Railroading & The Automobile Industry


By Jeff Wilson

Learn about how the automobile industry and trains have worked together with this book from Jeff Wilson.

This book gives you information about

Rail and auto traffic history.

Open and enclosed auto racks.

Auto parts boxcars and how they carried thousands of auto parts.

Assembly plants.

Automobile train switching.

Plus other operations.

Author: Jeff Wilson Size: 8.25 x 10.75 Pages: 96

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Buy Both CUMBRES DVDs S171 and S173

Buy Both CUMBRES DVDs S171 and S173


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This the third of four volumes of SPV's COMPREHENSIVE RAILROAD ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICA covering Canada and includes the provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador.

The Atlas shows all currently operated common carrier, tourist and major industrial railroads along with abandoned routes. Lines shown as electrified or narrow gauge are shown only as such when they are currently so equipped or were at abandonment. Lines built as narrow or broad gauge and subsequently regauged are shown as standard gauge. It should be noted that some lines shown as "in service" may see very infrequent use whilst some "abandoned" lines may, if the tracks remain in place, be reactivated for a special movement.

Every effort has been made to show all current operating locations as defined in railroad operating timetables.

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Comprehensive Railroad Atlas - South East USA

Comprehensive Railroad Atlas - South East USA


New Revised & Updated Edition

This second edition covers the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and includes the changes in ownership, abandonment's and re-openings which have occurred since the first edition was published in 1999. Included for the first time are the rapid transit systems in Atlanta and Miami, electric interurbans and logging railroads. The Atlas shows all currently operated common carriers, tourist and major industrial railroads along with abandoned routes.


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Union Pacific Super Railroad Vol 3

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UP Super Railroad Volume 1

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Bridge Line Division - CP Rail's D&H

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Amtrak's California Zephyr

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Superior Railroading

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Chicago Odyssey Vol 1 (two disc set)

Chicago Odyssey Vol 1 (two disc set) Ref: D51  

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Rio Grande Odessey

Rio Grande Odessey Ref: D55  

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Six Motor Alcos

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Rock Island Line

Rock Island Line Ref: D31  

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Santa Fe Odyssey

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California Zephyr

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The Canadian in Winter

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Empire of the North

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