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New from Kalmbach Publications

Building a Sectional Layout
By Pelle Søeborg

Well-known author and modeling expert, Pelle Søeborg, introduces the sectional model railroad layout in his all-new book, Building a Sectional Layout. If you’re building for a specific spot in your overall layout, Pelle offers how-to advice for modeling sections, building benchwork, and laying track.
Using his Midwest layout, Pelle shares new techniques that can be applied to both sectional and stationary layouts, from design to final details. His addition of a grain elevator demonstrates why every layout should have a “signature” structure — a “wow” factor.

The book covers:
*Planning and designing a sectional layout.
*Building benchwork and laying track.
*How-to advice for creating realistic scenery and structures (a bridge, farm fields, streets, highways, and more).
*The importance of building a “signature” structure, using Pelle’s grain elevator as an example.
96 pages

£ 19.00


Special Edition 100-page
Bold, beautiful, and powerful, steam locomotives have captivated children and adults alike for generations. From the editors of Trains magazine, Big Steam is Back features 11 well-known locomotives from across the United States and their individual journeys to restoration. This special 100-page edition includes the restored Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611, widely considered to be the best and most powerful locomotive ever built, the colorful Southern Pacific 4449, and an update on the much-anticipated completion of Big Boy 4014

£ 9.00

By CVision Productions

This all-new DVD is a wonderful companion to the 100-page collectors issue, Big Steam is Back. The 90-minute video covers the early years of steam preservation through today’s biggest restorations!
See how your favorite big steam locomotives are rebuilt and run — from Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s Southern Railway 4501, to the big steam story of 2016: the return of Union Pacific 844. This must-see DVD includes dozens of steam locomotives from coast to coast.
What’s Included:
UP’s Living Legend No. 844 The last of the steam locomotives built for UP. Delivered in 1944 it pulled well known trains such as the Overland Limited, LA Limited, Portland Rose and Challenger.
The engine is widely known among railroad enthusiasts for its excursion runs over UP’s Sherman Hill.
Big Boy 4014’s story takes you to Cheyenne WY for a look at the restoration project of the century.
Follow the story of Sothern Pacific 484 No. 3751 back to the Sante Fe rails in southern CA.
Legendary Sante Fe 484 No. 2926 nears completion in New Mexico as the restoration grinds through its 17th year.
Running the Southern Pacific 4449 for crowds from coast to coast
Michigan’s hardworking Berkshire. Decades after regular service, Pere Marquette No. 1225 is still reeling off the miles.
Milwaukee Road 484 No. 261 is marking 26 years of premium service to customers harkening back to the golden years of passenger trains.
Bringing the Southern Railway 282 No. 4501 back to life
Norfolk & Western 611. The best 484 ever built.
Taming the Beast of the East. Why choose the C & O 2662 no. 1309?

90 minutes, Narration

Regular price £25.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 8th September 2017- £24


Buy Both DVD + Mag for £32 only


FOLLOW UP FROM Canada’s FRASER CANYON and Thompson Canyon

By 7idea Productions

At 3,711 feet above sea level and with gradual approaches on both sides, Yellowhead Pass is the ideal railway passage of Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Canadian National utilizes this strategic crossing of the continental divide marking the provincial boundary of British Columbia and Alberta. The railway is busy with intermodal traffic heading to and from west coast ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, BC. The rails stay polished with unit grain and coal trains heading for export, numerous mixed merchandise trains, and Via Rail passenger trains sporting sleek silver dome cars.

See this incredibly beautiful line from Hinton, Alberta, to Red Pass, British Columbia. A good deal of the route traverses the picturesque setting of Jasper National Park. 7idea Productions made two trips to the Yellowhead Country and our cameras captured its natural beauty in both summer and winter.

Join us for a spectacular railfan adventure you won’t soon forget!

This program was shot between August 2016 and January 2017

Running time 1 Hour 47 Minutes.WIDESCREEN DVD

Regular price £23.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 8th September 2017 - £22

Blu-Ray Price £23.00

Regular DVD players will NOT play Blu-ray DVD's, you must use a Blu-ray DVD player.



The busiest piece of freight railroad in the world in the driving snow of winter storm Q and the perfect weather of the following days. Meets, side by sides and all the UP action the triple track between O’Fallons and Gibbon Junction is famous for.

by Highball Productions WIDESCREEN Edition. Running time 2 hours 8 minutes
Features narration on/off. Ref: D469

Regular Price £21


Norfolk Southern’s former CNO&TP line between Cincinnatti and Chattanooga was infamous in steam days for it’s many tight tunnels. Called the Rathole, the line has been mostly daylighted, and recently much double track has been laid. we follow this busy scenic route from Danville, Kentuck to Oakdale, Tennessee, and take a look at Kings Mountain Cut, and the big cuts south of Tateville.
by Highball Productions 1 hour 58 minutes WIDESCREEN DVD May be viewed with or without narration.

Regular Price £21


Big GE’s on coal trains and a pair of SD40-2’s on the wayfreight alongside the Columbia River, which runs through the Rocky Mountain Trench. This is CP’s highly scenic Windermere Sub between Golden and Fort Steele, BC.

by Highball Productions 1 hour plus previews Widescreen

Regular Price £21


Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, VIA Rail Canada, GO Transit and Amtrak all use the busy Bayview Junction near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Three sub divisions, two CN and one CP come together at this Y junction.

by Highball Productions

WIDESCREEN Edition. Running time 1 hour 10 minutes plus previews.

Features narration on/off



Regular Price £21

Mountain Grades of the B&O

This material was shot in 1983, 1989 and 1991 with a mix of video and color movie-film dating back to 1969. See a colorful mix of power and a style of railroading that is vanished forever. The Mountain Subdivision brings the last Western Maryland units in service. CSX fans will also see the early color schemes. Chessie fans will see lots of “tri-color” power. Additional color comes from several CSX liveries from the 1991-era.

The history of mergers of C&O, B&O, WM and Seaboard Lines up to the CSXT formation is reviewed. Early film presents B&O, C&O and L&N power plus vignettes of Western Maryland and the small WVN Railroads.

See lots of Seaboard and Family Lines power mixed with B&O, Chessie System and CSX colors in big power ‘lash-ups’ with helpers and meets.

The “Cranberry” grade of the Mountain Subdivision, and the Sand Patch grade of the Keystone Subdivision with its beautiful scenery, small towns and great trains are a special visual experience.

This is all color, digitally enhanced material, shot in many seasons by Tom Luckey. It brings you a lot of great action with helpers and heavy grades. Many maps have been made for this video to give the viewer a full presentation.

These are views back in time with the old Color-Position signals, towers and lots of great railroading that could only be found on the old B&O mountain grades!

by Charles Smiley 1 hour 33 mins * colour * narration

Regular Price £20


Available July 1, 2017

B&O Power In Color Volume 1: Steam & Cab Units
By Bob Withers

The last of steam crosses paths with the diesel cab units that took over their role. The first volume in a series which will cover the entire B&O diesel roster.
Ref. 1617

£ 50.00


Illinois Central Gulf Volume 1: Across the System
By John P. Kolberg

This first in a series of Illinois Central Gulf In Color books starts at the merger in August 1972 and continues across the system until the end in early 1988. Included are rare shots of the Bi-Modal Roadrailer operation; locomotives, freight cars, and cabooses in fresh orange paint; action, structures, signals, shops, yards, junctions, and people from across the system.
Ref. 1618

£ 50.00

Available August 1, 2017

DT&I Power In Color Includes Ann Arbor
By Stephen M. Timko

Join us to view the all EMD locomotive roster of the Detroit, Toledo, & Ironton Railroad which was comprised of no less than a dozen different models. Included is coverage of the affiliated 292-mile Ann Arbor’s fleet of Alco switchers, roadswitchers, and FA2’s, and later, second-generation EMD power. Bonus chapter includes the Lake Michigan Car Ferry service.
Ref. 1619

£ 50.00


Southern Pacific Power In Color Volume 2: Switchers, Geeps and More
By Ed Mackinson

During its last quarter-century, Southern Pacific used many models of locomotives, and older and newer power often worked side-by-side. Volume 2 illustrates most of the four-axle roadswitchers, some of the six-axle units, and the last few Fs in use during this fascinating period.

Ref. 1620

£ 50.00

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